Site 123 Review – Just Three Simple Steps to Create a Website

Site 123 is a website builder that has simplicity as its main selling point. The developers have made possible for you to quickly get a site running by simply selecting one of their formats, editing as you see fit and allowing it to go live in a matter of minutes. This is easily the easiest site builder for less tech-savvy users and a good all-around option for anyone with low complexity requirements.

Most website builders have resorted to drag-and-drop options to simplify the whole process of building a new site from scratch. However, Site 123 uses an even simpler method, which you can say is an assisted designer. You can input whichever features you want your site to have and the designed will help you create a custom website for you in a matter of seconds.

Site 123 also offers users the chance to try the services for free (and they even have a few available free template options for anyone to choose from), but you’ll have to pay a few bucks to get the best out of this website builder. It’s not particularly cheap, but we feel like their services are well worth it.

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Site 123 – A Quick Overview of Everything This Website Builder Has to Offer

Site 123 revolves around their design assistant to provide users with a simple site building experience. You won’t be presented with some of the most complex tools like those you find on Wix, GoDaddy, or Weebly. Even HTML coding is fairly limited on Site 123, as it’s aimed for people with a lack of coding insight.

You can edit your site by modifying certain criteria on a sidebar that the site presents you with. Using this bar, you’ll be able to fully tweak your designed page without having to drag and drop any feature.

The program’s main goal is to provide anyone with a quick website. Businesses and independent users are welcome to use their services and the versatility is seen in the templates and themes that they have. It’s also available in a variety of different languages, which makes it a good option for users in many parts of the world.

Site 123 Pros & Cons – Should You Prefer It Over The Industry Leaders?

If you’re looking for an in-depth website builder with options to code and input your own settings, then Site 123 might not be what you’re looking for. However, if you need a professional-looking site to be created quickly, you’ve found your match.

Site 123 Pros

  • Every mobile device is compatible with Site 123 templates. They’re all fully responsive and won’t give you any troubles regardless of how much you modify them
  • Site 123 honors their mission to help everyone create a website by offering unparalleled customer support via all sources, but they’re very responsive through their web chat
  • There are many available apps that can be installed to expand your website, and they’re very easy to access. Some are a bit expensive, but they’re all compatible with other devices
  • Unparalleled ease of use. All you must do is input a few pieces of information and your site will be created in a matter of minutes
  • You don’t need to know anything about coding at all to use Site 123 – the functionality is accessible by anyone

Site 123 Cons

  • You can’t modify the themes after the site is done – you’ll need to create a new website from scratch, which is nothing short of inconvenient
  • The lack of true HTLM support and drag-and-drop features make this website builder one of the most limited that we’ve tried

Site 123 – Features and Things You Need to Know

Site 123 is a very peculiar website builder. Unlike the rest of the simple creators that most other competitors give their users, Site 123 completely scraps the drag-and-drop features, so users have to edit the website through the dashboard. However, this is just one of the many features that make this website builder so unique. We’ve made a list of other things to consider before using Site 123.

In-Depth Analytics

Site 123, oddly enough, doesn’t use its own set of analytical software. On the contrary, it’s supported by Google Analytics. Although one would think this hinders the effectiveness of the program, it’s actually the exact opposite: Google provides users with much quicker analysis, and the results are also much more expanded, given that many users usually come from Google itself.


The themes you’ll find on the site are ideal to be used by any type of business. As such, there are countless themes for you to choose from. We’ve noticed that some are rather similar, and most aren’t the most exciting of themes, but the used fonts and the color combinations/palettes are really good.

Furthermore, the themes are easily customizable, and you can even play with how many pages are displayed in your new website’s homepages. You can select to have certain pages show and which others won’t be displayed – it’s completely up to you how you want your site to look. The software will adapt the display to suit your needs and keep everything in place.

Great eCommerce Support

The regular version of Site123 doesn’t offer much support for eCommerce sites. In fact, it doesn’t offer any support at all – you’ll have to pay money for one of their premium subscriptions if you want to host your own eCommerce platform on one of your websites. Thankfully, the plans that they offer are extremely affordable.

We’ll be discussing plans soon, but all you need to know is that you won’t need to break the bank to host an eCommerce site in their platform. Their services are one of the cheapest we’ve come across when it comes to site builders.

Total Compatibility

Another one of the main selling points of Site 123 is that the websites that you create with their platform can be displayed in any type of OS. Site 123 supports the most popular types of devices as well as some of the world’s most popular operative systems. You should be able to see your site well displayed in Windows, Linux, Mac, and in any computer browser as well as mobile device.

World Class Customer Support

Site 123 offers support to users regardless of where they are in the world. You’ll be able and entitled to 24/7 customer support regardless of which plan you’re subscribed to – even if you’re using their free subscription. The site also offers cool tutorials that you can watch at any given time, but they’ll be happy to help you with any doubts or inquires that may arise.

Site 123 – How Affordable is Site 123? Pricing & Plans Information

Most website builders come with a ton of different plans and pricing options, which makes it more confusing for users than it helps them. Some sites include up to 6 pricing plans, with different options such as an eCommerce version, additional features, and other added things.

Site 123 aims to keep things as simple as possible with their plans, staying true to their ease-of-use business model that their own builder is based on.

They offer two plans: a free plan, which costs $0 a month but comes with a bunch of limitations. For example, you’ll be using a subdomain of Site 123. You’ll also get just 1GB of bandwidth and storage limitations of just half a gigabyte.

The second plan is their only available paid plan, and it costs just over $10 a month. This plan offers a lot of the benefits that you get from other website providers, but the price is much more reduced than what you’d have to pay in other platforms. Site 123 also gives you a free domain name for 1 year and allows you to connect your site to the eCommerce world.

Our Final Verdict on Site 123

Site 123 is an ideal website builder for those who need to have a quick site up and running, without too much depth, but also without needing to have any knowledge of coding. You can have the site ready in a matter of minutes and you won’t even need to properly drag and drop any of the buttons on your site – all you must do is input the information that you want and then edit the results using the menus.

We also think it’s a very positive thing that the site is constantly being improved. The developers keep releasing new features and updates that make this website builder stay competitive – even in a world where new website software gets released on a monthly basis.

Site 123 will always keep you up to date with the things they’re working on via email. As long as you’re registered to one of their plans, they will keep you informed of every new thing they’re planning to release in the near future. They really care about their users, and that’s an invaluable asset to have in the modern world.

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