Translate your Website Easily With Weglot

Making a website that becomes an international sensation on the internet is no easy feat. The barriers that a person faces to create a popular website are not only in terms of growing their brand and getting to know their market, they also come in a different form, often seen as the “language barrier”. It’s very difficult to maintain a website that everyone can understand, not only because it takes ages to translate it into various languages, but also because it can be very costly.

Weglot, however, is an app that was specifically designed to save website owners the time it takes to translate a website into multiple languages as well as a major part of the budget they’d need to assign to do so. Sure, you can always rely on the Google website translator, but that’s just old fashioned and it doesn’t suit a business to well to not have automatic translation tools or someone dedicated to it, at the least.

Given how many features Weglot comes with, it’s only natural that website owners tend to think of this tool as their first option for website translation when they’re in need of it. Is it quality, though? And, if so, how easy is it to use? Learn everything you need to know about Weglot right here!

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How Does Weglot Work?

Weglot is a versatile tool that works both manually and automatically, depending on what you’re looking to achieve with the app. You get to choose how you want the translations to be done, and if you want them to be done manually, the program makes it very simple for you to make any necessary edits without needing any programming or coding knowledge.

The best thing about Weglot is that it has apps that make it compatible with the world’s most popular websites. For example, you have the option to install the plugin in WordPress or Shopify, which makes translating much easier than it would be with any other tool or compatible plugin.

You may also choose a bit more of a complex path if you know what you’re doing (coding-wise) and you could input the HTML code yourself, so the translations are done automatically whenever someone from a given country enters your site.

Weglot works in real-time and makes it easy both for the owner of the website as well as the users to access all of the information in whichever language they need.

Weglot Features – What You’re Getting

The Weglot app doesn’t only come with basic translation tools, it also includes a complete set of features that enhance your work and take it to the next level without you having to bust your back to achieve it. Amongst our favorite Weglot features, we’ve found a few that we’ve decided to list below, which stand out from the rest.

Easy Translation Menu

You can input which languages you wish for Weglot to translate your website when coding the app, but what’s even better is that it comes with a special drop-down menu that allows you to select a single language (or multiple of them) to allow for quicker translation of your site.

If you happen to be in WordPress, customizing and choosing language becomes even easier thanks to the widgets that you can introduce to the Weglot menus. It’s a fully customizable app, and that’s what makes it different from the rest. You can truly put a stamp on it and it’ll feel like it’s been tailor-made for you.

Custom Translators for Your Site

Subscribing to Weglot entitles you to access custom translators, which will be dedicated to translating your website into any of the available languages of the app. Save yourself the time and trouble of hiring third-party translators by hiring the services of Weglot to do it for you. One of the best things about the program is that you get to choose which plan you want according to how many words you need to translate!

You won’t be directly paying for a price-per-word translation, but you will indirectly do so, as each plan has a limit of translated words per month that you may acquire. The most expensive plan, for example, allows you to get up to 5 million words translated, which ensures that your website will always be on the vanguard in the international stage regardless of how many pages and articles get posted per week.

The SEO Benefits of Weglot

The custom HTML scripts that come with Weglot allow Google to understand that the site is available in multiple languages, even if English is the primary language of the site. This makes it much easier for your site to appear in search engines when potential foreign clients make the searches. If your SEO is language-efficient, you will be able to rank at the top for various languages at once.

You also need to consider that the Weglot writers are expert translators, which means that your content will be as optimized as possible. Part of the services that Weglot offers include SEO writing. In fact, one of the main features of this translation app that separates it from the rest is that you get to have your SEO tags translated without the need for any custom writing of your own.

Weglot writers will make sure to translate your SEO tags in the most accurate well possible to ensure that the searches in which you appear are exactly what you’re after in the original language of your site.

Clean and Complete Dashboard for Easy Managing

The Weglot dashboard allows you to deal with content like never before, as it presents everything to you in four main sections that you get to open and see in detail however you want. You get to see how many words your site has as well as how many of them have been translated and how many of them haven’t. Analytics are easy to access and easy to understand, which make Weglot a good newbie app.

User QOL Optimization

The QOL (quality of life) of your clients and visitors in your site is going to be determined by how they feel when browsing it and how easy it is for them to access the languages that you offer your site on. As such, Weglot offers two different ways in which a visitor can opt to see the website.

The first way is the manual and traditional way, which is a menu in which they can choose the language in which the website is displayed after translating it. The second way, which is far easier for the user, is to simply have the language automatically picked for them depending on the location in which they are at.

Do consider, however, that this might be implemented with the menu for them to choose as well. Remember that some people like to browse with VPNs, which can make it inconvenient for them to have the language be set automatically.

Which Weglot Plan to Get? Weglot Plans & Pricing

Weglot adapts itself to your needs, so you can choose how much money you want to pay depending on how many words you need to have translated, as well as how many of the features you need to use. The price depends on the size of your company and the size of your website (you’ll see how much they vary), so choose accordingly:

  • Free – You can choose a free plan if your page is not too big or if you just need a few translated words per month. The free plan doesn’t cost a single dime, but it translates up to 2000 words per month
  • Starter (€9,90) – The Starter plan comes with one additional language support, plus up to 10,000 words, plus custom language for every visitor and translations made by pros
  • Business (€19) – The Business plan is the one for businesses that already have a decent level of  reach, as it allows up different languages plus 50,000 words to be translated per month plus an extra 50,000 visits to be translated as well
  • Pro (€49) – Pro allows you to have 200,000 pageviews and words translated each month, plus support for three different websites too
  • Enterprise (€199) – Enterprise offers unlimited extra languages, 1,000,000 translated page views and words, plus support for 15 different websites
  • Corporate (€799) – The Corporate plan offers support for multiple websites plus all the benefits from the other plans, and 5,000,000 translated pageviews, as well as 5,000,000 translated words

Is Weglot the Best Website Translation Tool?

If you’re looking for a tool capable of translating websites easily, efficiently, quickly, and with as much quality as possible, then you’re going to struggle to find something better than Weglot. This amazing tool makes it easy to translate to multiple languages without having to move a finger – they will do the work for you. It’s super easy, and with custom plugins it makes it even easier to translate different sites, even when they are hosted on different platforms. Choose the right plugin and translate your site with Weglot!

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